Leyla MacDonald


Freelance model based in Edinburgh. Began my career in modelling appearing in studio shoots for local photographers.

During 2023 on the cover of Untold Magazine and have been featured in Artells, 6X Fitness Magazine, Dolce, Vous, Edith, Looker and Selin magazines.

Modelled for the promotional campaigns for Royal Lochnagar Distiller and Blair Atholl Distillery.

Film extra work appearing in Season 2 of `The Rig' and Tennants Ad for Rugby Premiership.

Shot by Paul Francis McGuigan, Matt Brown, Lee Moir, Max Caine, Francesco Martone and Marta Lanzanova.

We are committed to building a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We recognize the vital role that logistics plays and we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

Eco-Conscious Practices

Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We meticulously evaluate each step of our logistics processes to minimize our carbon footprint. From optimizing routes to reducing packaging waste, we take every opportunity to embrace eco-conscious practices that preserve natural resources and reduce emissions.

Innovative Technologies

Embracing cutting-edge technologies allows us to revolutionize the logistics landscape. Our investment in advanced fleet management systems and energy-efficient transportation modes ensures that our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. By utilizing data-driven insights, we optimize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe that a greener future is built on collaboration. We actively seek partnerships with suppliers, clients, and organizations that share our commitment to sustainability. Together, we can implement innovative solutions that drive positive change across the entire logistics ecosystem.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that the logistics landscape is ever-evolving, and we are committed to pushing the boundaries to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients.

Next-Gen Dispatch and Scheduling

Our commitment to innovation means that we don't just keep up with technology trends; we set them. Our cutting-edge dispatch and scheduling solutions leverage state-of-the-art algorithms and real-time data to optimize routes, reduce transit times, and enhance delivery accuracy. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to streamlined operations that boost your business's success.

Revolutionizing Legal Documentation

We recognize the importance of legal compliance in the logistics sector. That's why we've taken a proactive approach to legal documentation for vehicles and drivers. Our innovative systems ensure that all documentation is up-to-date, accurate, and accessible, minimizing risks and streamlining regulatory processes.

Empowering Drivers with Knowledge

Our commitment to service innovation extends to the individuals who drive our operations. We provide comprehensive driver education programs that go beyond the basics. Our best practices education equips drivers with the latest techniques, safety protocols, and industry insights, empowering them to excel in their roles while upholding the highest standards of professionalism.


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